$100 USDA All Beef Box

This box provides a great taste of what we have to offer. This box will include all USDA inspected steaks, roasts, ground beef, beef stix, and a sample of our choice!   Kit Includes - Choice of 1    - Ribeye Steak (2 ea)    - Strip Steak (2 ea)    - Bone In Sirloin Steak (2 ea)    - Boneless Top Sirloin Steak (2 ea)    - Filet Steaks ( 2 ea)    - T-Bone Steak ( 2 ea)    - Porterhouse (1 ea)Choice of 1    - Top Round Roast    - Bottom Round Roast    - Eye of Round Roast    - Brisket    - Chuck Roast1 lb Bag of Beef Stix     - Cheddar    - Plain    - Jalapeno Cheddar4 lbs of our LEAN ground beef     - 4/1 lb packages    - 2/2 lb packages    
  • Packaging Details

    All Steaks will come 2 to a bag and average from 8-12 oz per. Roasts will average 2-4 lbs depending on cut. Due to different sizes per cut exact weights may vary. Every box is hand packed to ensure each delivery is as consistent as possible to provide highest quantity and quality meat to every customer.

  • Our Guarantee -

    We know you’ll love our beef and pork as much as we do. In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, reach out to us directly for a full refund or replacement shipment. 

    We proudly stand behind our product,

    Luebbering Shorthorn Farms, LLC

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